Es Vedrà: why go, the myths and where to see it

Es Vedrà is a small rocky island off the south western seaboard of the Spanish island of Ibiza. The island, which is 413 metres tall, is part of the Cala d’Hort nature reserve and lies 1.5423 miles off the coast at Cala d’Hort, which is in the municipality of Sant Josep de sa Talaia.

The island is uninhabited and is a protected natural area. Es Vedrà is known for its rugged, rocky coastline and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. t is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike to visit, and can be reached by boat from Ibiza or Formentera. Many people believe that Es Vedrà has a special, otherworldly energy and is a place of spiritual power. Some say that the island is home to a powerful energy vortex that can heal and transform those who visit it, while others believe that it is a place of great spiritual significance and has a long history of myth and legend associated with it. Whether or not you believe in the spiritual energy of Es Vedrà, it is certainly a beautiful and captivating place to visit.